How to be a charming coworker like Wonder Woman

I have been under the weather for the past few days and spending my idle time watching Wonder Woman episodes. We all know Wonder Woman as the Amazon princess who took the mission to save the world despite her mother’s wishes. Since then, she has been kicking every bad guys’ butts. But did you know she also makes a charming coworker? There’s no reason why I shouldn’t learn a thing or two from Wonder Woman.

1. She flashes a big smile and stretches out her hand for a handshake while introducing herself.


2. She always dress femininely while maintaining her modesty. You don’t see a lot of cleavage or legs showing.

feminine-dress-season2.13. She says “no” to office romance. Its quite difficult to stop the sparks from flying at times because we spend so much time in the office. The good thing is that we are motivated to go to work but the downside is the secret trysts usually bring misery and intriguing to our working day especially if our romantic liaison is with the boss.

no-office-romance-season2.14. She’s optimistic. In the Bermuda Triangle episode, when her colleague Joe said that he hoped he could send Wonder Woman on some of the assignments, Diana assured him that he will find a way.

positive-thinking-season2.45. She treats her other coworkers as friends and care about their children. In the episode of The Pied Piper, Joe confronted Diana with his daughter, Elena’s obsession with a rock star who hypnotizes his groupies into robbing the box offices of his concerts. Diana intervenes to help.


6. She make friends with everyone including the IADC’s super-intelligent computer, Ira’s new mobile robot, Rover. She listens to their jokes too.

friends-with-everyone-season2.177. She acknowledge the help of her coworkers. In the Bermuda Triangle episode, Diana and Steve were going undercover when they lost control of the plane in the Devil’s Triangle. Diana’s parachute fell on the ground but Steve fell hanging on a tree. It was actually Wonder Woman who saved him but she couldn’t blow her cover.


8. She nailed the basic rule of networking. In Diana’s Disappearing Act episode, she did her homework of the person she’ll meet at her mission event and so the powerful, rich oil tycoon is smitten by her concern and knowledge of worldwide oil prices.

networking-season2.159. She’s confident and bold. As a woman, we tend to get intimidated with difficult assignments at work and we don’t believe in our potential and capabilities, but we just got to see ourselves as our male counterparts and “man up”.


10. She’s entertaining. She dances like a disco queen and sings like an angel. These skills could come in handy during the company’s annual dinner event.


entertaining-season3.1611. She invites her colleagues for dinner at her home and cooks for them. Besides, its far more enjoyable than cooking for one.


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